Running your own business is filled with positive attributes, but it is also full of challenges. As a business owner, you need to be an expert in all facets of your company, not just your area of expertise. Therefore, in addition to managing your company, you must also be a salesman, accountant, trainer, marketer, etc... Your staff looks to you, as a counselor and mentor, for vision and direction. You must simultaneously drive sales, ensure client satisfaction and plan a strategy for future growth. Sure, you have a team of people behind you on whom you depend a great deal. But, sometimes there are issues you simply cannot discuss with them. It all can be overwhelming, especially when you encounter a situation you have never faced before. This is why BGAP developed our CEO Advisory Service.
Your trusted BGAP advisor is a proven business professional who is available to provide you with seasoned advice. Through weekly conversations, they help you track the progress of your business, provide timely advice and answer the challenging questions that are bound to plague you. As a result of having previously managed their own successful business, our advisors know not only how to get you through tough times, but also what you need to do in order to avoid them.

All CEO's, have heard the old saying, "its lonely at the top." Now, with BGAP CEO Advisory services it does not have to be.

CEO Advisory Services are available in six or twelve month programs.

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Our CEO Advisory Service has been approved by the NAPS for continuing education credit. Build your business while earning your required credits.