How confident are you in your next hire?

Would you like to increase your odds of success?

Before you hire, let BGAP provide you with our Hiring Assessment Service. Here’s how it works: you supply the candidates and we provide the assessment. Our background is in the recruitment business, so we know a myriad of things about attracting and hiring prime talent. Not to mention our history of finding record-breaking sales professionals.

Our Hiring Assessment Services is based on our trademarked 7C’s+2™ methodology: Connectivity, Conation, Communication, Contribution, Consciousness, Courage and Confidence. What’s the “+2,” you ask? Well, we keep that secret for our clients. At the end of the process, we provide you with a BGAP score that rates the individual’s likelihood of succeeding in your office.

Our Standard Hiring Assessment Service:
You have interviewed and found a candidate who you believe will be an asset to your organization. Before offering that applicant a position, you want to know your money will be well spent on their employment. With our standard service, we will interview that candidate and provide you a thorough analysis on whether or not you should hire that particular individual.

Your time and money are precious, with BGAP's Hiring Assessment Service, you can be confident that your next hire will surpass your expectations. Click here for more information
* see contract agreement for details of guarantee