You know you need to establish a secondary management level in order to develop your company. What you may not know is who is best suited to help you lead in the future.

At BGAP, we are experienced in the process of identifying and developing next generation leadership. From team leads, to second in commands, to transition planning, we can provide the directions for a successful journey. Our Leadership Assessment Service is a complete 360-degree review of staff members who you identify as potential management. We will conduct a multi-step interview process, combined with assessment testing, to give you a comprehensive analysis of each individual’s management capabilities, including their strengths and weaknesses.

Through one-on-one consultation, we will help you select the staff members who are best suited to be effective managers for your company. In addition, we will guide you in developing a strategic plan to cultivate their skills and incorporate their new role into your organization.

We know that to cultivate the vision you have for your company’s future, there is no more crucial entity than the management team you employ. Let BGAP Leadership Assessment Services make choosing your next managers as simple as ready-set-go.

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