Do you have a superstar that can’t seem to get off the ground?

Do you wish to ensure success from the start?
Often the difference between a mediocre performer and a superstar is confidence. Unfortunately, training is usually administered in groups because there is just not enough time to give every sales person individual attention. For these reasons, BGAP created our Telephone Sales Training Service. By combining the latest technologies with the training techniques we pioneered at K/BIC, we provide the methods and confidence needed to be successful in telephone sales.

Intensive Training
This program requires three successive days of hour-long instruction per month for three months. This schedule ensures that the training transfers from knowledge to optimal performance. To facilitate this transfer of skill we monitor actual sales calls, providing real-time tips and advice via instant messenger. Afterwards we discuss each call with the sales person, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, smart moves and missteps. In addition, we provide you with monthly assessments of the individual’s progress.

Basic Training
This program consist of live instruction for one hour per day for two weeks, combining workbooks, dvd's and webcam facilitation. We provide all the materials and resources, you just provide the trainees and a quiet place for them to receive instruction. Real-business calls will be intertwined with classroom work to help your Search Consultants gain experience and build confidence.

BGAP’s Telephone Sales Training has provided the tools for success to some of the biggest billers in MRINetwork’s history. Let us put that knowledge to work for you!

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