7 Traits of Hiring a Successful Search Consultant
As you embark on 2008 with strong ambition and a positive outlook, one of the cornerstones to achieving your goals is likely the hiring of talented search consultants who will make a significant impact to your office. Over the course of more than 20 years, BGAP has honed our methodology in this area, realizing that successful hiring requires 2 components. First, you need a detailed and comprehensive hiring plan, like the Talent Acquisition Process that our clients utilize. The second, is you need to interview every candidate using the proven 7C's + 2 methodology. While we will keep the +2 for our clients, below is an explanation of the seven traits you should seek when interviewing prospective search consultants:

1. Connectivity. You like the person instantly and he/she connects well with you, too. All offices reflect the personality of the owner or partners. Therefore, your immediate impression of the person will provide a significant barometer on whether or not the prospective search consultant is likely to fit in easily and be comfortable in your culture.
2. Conation. Individuals with this trait have a burning desire to succeed and a passion for many things. This quality is transferred to your search business.
3. Communication skills. The ability to get across an idea quickly and simply is a vital trait.
4. Contribution. People with this trait have a strong desire to give back and are involved in social and professional organizations, such as charities, little league, or fraternal organizations. They are the future leaders of your organization.
5. Consciousness. People with this trait are aware of how their actions impact others; therefore, they will always be conscientious workers. They can be counted on to be where they say they will be, when they say they will be there. They will put in many additional work hours to achieve their committed goal. They rarely lose the "game," and if they do lose, it's only because they ran out of time.
6. Courage. People with this trait can make the tough decisions. They dare to try the impossible. They do the difficult tasks right away - the impossible ones just take a little longer.
7. Confidence. People with self-assurance set high goals, persist against obstacles, and have the ability to get up one more time. Show me a person who keeps getting up, and I'll show you a person who will eventually triumph.

Do the above seven traits take the place of background and track record? No, but they are good lead indicators. In everyone's 2008 business plan hiring should be a priority, even if its purely for top grading or compensating for attrition. Therefore, aim for finding the seven traits listed and we assure you that your success rate will increase significantly.