Bassman Growth Advisory Partners is the vision of Bob and Sandy Bassman. Through 25 years of thrilling victory and agonizing defeats as entrepreneurs, they learned that there is absolutely no substitute for the guidance of an experienced person. An individual who has been through it all, made the mistakes and discovered the solutions. Someone who can guide you through the process, ensuring your ability to make the best decisions for your business.

Sadly, Bob and Sandy were not able to find such a person to help them in their business endeavors. Therefore, they were forced to venture alone on a path that ultimately reached unprecedented success in their industry. A success that culminated in annual revenues upwards of $15 million. However, as Bob will tell you, such success did not come without its challenges and an enormous amount of aspirin!

Understanding the loneliness that most entrepreneurs feel as they guide their businesses down unfamiliar paths and around new obstacles, Bob and Sandy decided to help others avoid the darkness. Their combined vision lies in the hope that by sharing their experiences and learned lessons they can help others achieve the same level of success, while avoiding many of the potholes and wrong turns that claim most entrepreneurs. With that hope, Bassman Growth Advisory Partners was born on August 16th, 2004.

Bassman Growth Advisory Partners is a consulting firm that offers ongoing executive coaching and ancillary services to small and medium-sized service based businesses. Our goal is threefold. First, we help your firm’s management team navigate any challenges it faces. Secondly, we ensure your firm reaches and exceeds its revenue targets. Lastly, we make certain that your firm’s growth outpaces that of the marketplace.