What could a million dollar producer do for your firm?

There is hardly anything more laborious for a business owner than finding quality sales professionals. You rummage through a stack of resumes from unqualified applicants in an attempt to find a needle in the haystack. However, ultimately you end up being disappointed by mediocre results from unsatisfactory candidates.

Let BGAP relieve you of the burden of finding true talent. From our roots in the recruitment industry, we know a thing or two about finding prodigious sales talent. At BGAP, we conduct a multiphase process that is designed to locate and isolate only the best and brightest available sales professionals.

Through the use of a one-on-one recruitment process, complete with a multi-step interview regimen and assessment testing, we don't just find you your next employee; we locate your next star. All of this comes with one of the most aggressive guarantees in the industry: a six month* replacement offer.

Why continue to stumble in your efforts to find the best talent for your company when our professionals can do it for you more effectively? Considering the amount of revenue a quality sales person generates, this service is the best expenditure you can make. No investment is safer or more reliable.

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* see contract agreement for details of guarantee